Strive International now on Facebook

Strive International launches Facebook page

Dear Friends,

Today we launch the Strive International charity campaign via the most popular social media engine Facebook.

The idea is to publicise the work that Strive International (registered number 113439) is undertaking. Strive International is all about awareness building for Dyslexia in Africa and supports discussion to increase the number of children succeeding in education and address issues brought about from isolation and exclusion teaching strategies for those with learning difficulties.

STRIVE INTERNATIONAL invites you to join our cause, share in our insight and news and chat to other like-minded people who are just as interested as you are in Education. We would also like you to help us raise funds to enable us to spread the message that every human being irrespective of the way their minds are wired can learn if taught creatively.

The illustration below describes the reasons for the mission that Strive International has undertaken

Consider a study conducted by Harvard, in which 1,600 5-year-olds were given a creativity test used by NASA to select innovative engineers and scientists:

98% of the children scored in the "highly creative" range.

When the same children were retested five years later, only 30 percent of the 10-year-olds were still rated "highly creative."

By the age of 15, just 12% of them were ranked in this category,

A mere 2% of 200,000 adults over the age of 25 who had taken the same tests were rated at this level.

Corollary: It seems that creativity is not learned, but rather unlearned.

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